libXPlaneMP - Multiplayer for X-Plane

This is a temporary place-holder page for libXPlaneMP. More details coming soon.

What is libXPlaneMP

libXPlaneMP is a free, open-source C++ source library that simplifies the task of implementing "multiplayer" plugins in X-Plane. libXPlaneMP is basically the multiplayer engine from XSquawkBox and X-IVAP.

Do I care about ilbXPlaneMP?

libXPlaneMP is useful if (1) you are already coding a plugin and (2) you want to draw planes from CSLs.

Are there any restrictions on libXPlaneMP?

No - it is available under the MIT/X11 license, which is very permissive. We ask that you consider using the standard CSL file format and not invent proprietary modifications; one of the main goals of libXPlaneMP is to allow the X-Plane community to have a single unified CSL format - this is better for authors and users.

Where do I get CSLs?

That is up to you; if you use libXPlaneMP, your plugin will work with the many CSLs already on the web for x-plane. However if you wish to bundle a CSL with your plugin (as XSquawkBox does) you will need to get permission from the authors.

In particular, this library includes source code - it does not include the CSLs or support files included with XSquawkBox or X-IVAP! You must obtain a license from the authors to use these various files.

Where do I get the code?

You can visit our sourceforge page here but I recommend that you wait until we have created an official release; the code is being cleaned up, merged, and refactored right now.